3 Relish Jars Original Red Relish Jar SAY BYE-BYE TO BORING... Mild Relish Green Jar LESS HEAT... AMAZING FLAVOUR!! Beet Relish Jar 3 Relish Jars Crackin Cranberry Jar

Hellish Relish– Sweet, Sassy And A LI’L Bad-Assy!

Condiments shouldn’t be boring. That’s why we made Hellish Relish. Sweet, sassy & a little bad-assy!
If you like sweet chili sauce, you will LOVE Hell-ish Relish! NO Gluten, NO Fat, NO Preservatives, NO Sugar*, NO SIN


We use only the freshest locally sourced and organic ingredients in everything we make. We believe in sustainable agricultural practices and maintain close relationships with virtually all the farmers we buy from. All our products are created in small batches where each step is scrupulously followed in order to ensure you get the best, most consistent quality in every single jar.

So exactly what do we make out of all those amazing ingredients you ask? First off, we create the best dang relishes that ever slid across your taste buds and dropped into a happy tummy. Based on top secret, prized family recipes handed down from our founder’s grandparents, we’ve also spent countless hours experimenting and tweaking them to create variations that’ll blow your socks off. Love spicier foods? We’ve got you covered with our original recipe Hellish Relish. Prefer a little less heat? We’ve got a milder Hellish Relish version for you too (look for the green label).

In our opinion, a hamburger without relish is just a glorified hockey puck and a turkey dinner without cranberry sauce is like a world without color. Beets are not only one of the healthiest things you can eat, but our unique pickling recipe makes them one of the tastiest too. Don’t believe us? We dare you to try a jar and see if you’re not convinced. We could double dog dare you, but no one needs to escalate to that level of food fight do they?

If you’re looking for ho-hum mass produced condiments then you’ve sure as heck come to the wrong place. If terms like small-batch, craft-brewed, bespoke (yeah, yeah we know), master-craftsman, unique, exclusive, rare and mouth-watering sound appealing, then baby you’re home!

The Hellish Relish Promise: No preservatives or additives, Gluten-free, GMO-free and fat-free. Handmade in the Okanagan Valley. Highly freakin’ addictive!


Well, the more accurate question might be along the lines of “What aren’t we up to?” An almost comical amount of energy combined with a giant bucketload of ideas keeps us… cooking shall we say? Aside from making indescribably delicious products, we’re also whipping up  all manner of Events, New Creations and Contests and more.


You had to ask didn’t you? The good news is that our products are probably a LOT closer to your location than you think. Not only can you find our unique relishes in a select coterie of boutique specialty retailers (the friendly, not snobby ones of course), but also in many of the finest grocery stores across the country.


As much as people love to just eat spoonfuls of our relish straight from the jar (no double dipping mind!). We also reach out to everyone from backyard BBQ junkies, to frenzied home cooks, to Michelin® 5-star chefs in order to bring you real recipes you can use for whatever you want to cook up.

3 Jar Relish Medley


[ relish noun (SAUCE) ]
a type of sauce that is eaten with food to add flavour to it:

  • Pickle and onion relish
  • Would you like relish on your burger? (oh heck yeah!!)

[ relish noun (ENJOYMENT) ]
the enjoyment you get from doing something

  • She ate her burger with great enjoyment and relish
  • I have no relish for my boring 9-5 job