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A Delicious Dip
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Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with bacon wrapped asparagus spears and Hellish Relish (2/3) Mayo (1/3) dip! Not just for asparagus – try this dip with fish, chicken fingers, shrimp, or chips!    

Chocolate & Strawberries on Relish?
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Chocolate & Strawberries on Relish… who would have thought to pair Hellish Relish with chocolate & strawberries?  But this pairing tastes like heaven! Strawberries with whipped cream cheese, Hellish Relish topped off with a drop of chocolate.  

Cheese & Cracker Pairing
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  Hellish Relish goes well with a variety of different cheese and cracker combinations. Try Brie on triscuit crackers topped with Hellish Relish.

Hellish Relish & Fish: A Great Combination
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When using relish, what foods usually come to mind? Hot dogs and hamburgers are the foods that top the list, however, have you ever thought of using relish on your fish? At first, Relish on fish might sound a bit … Read More